Jack Jarnis
Jack Jarnis

Jack Jarnis is the Principal of Four Corners Elementary School, part of the School District of Superior, Wisconsin. The school serves 250 students grades Pre-K through 5th. Mr. Jarnis' students come from the beautiful rural communities of Superior, South Range, and Foxboro in Douglas County Wisconsin.

Local School Receives Great Report Card

Four Corners Earns Highest Rating With State By Jack Jarnis For the 2015-2016 school year Four Corners’ School Accountability Report Card acknowledged our school...

Four Corners First Day Orientation & Conferences a Success!

Teachers Tune In To Parents Concerns By Jack Jarnis Four Corners Elementary changed up things a bit on the first day of school. We have always had orientation that...

Ms Constance Putting up Mission and Vision Banner at Four Corners Elementary School | Explore Superior©

Four Corners Becomes a PLC School

PLC Short for Professional Learning Community School By Jack Jarnis In August of 2013 Four Corners was awarded a 5- year grant from the Department of Public Instruction...

Burstrom Trail to be Revitalized

Kick-Off Event Held at Four Corners Elementary School By Jack Jarnis On Thursday evening, September 24, 2015 Four Corners held the Burstrom Trail Kick-Off event.  The...

Timber Logged from School Property Surrounding Four Corners Elementary

Why Are Trees Being Cut Down at Four Corners?

Timber Survey Determined Tree Harvest Required By Jack Jarnis, Principal, Four Corners Elementary School You have probably noticed that there has been logging activity...


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