Bar & Restaurant Owners Favor Better City Superior

Tavern League Supports Development

Submitted by Keith Kern, John Dandrea, and Aaron Dandrea

By now you have probably heard about the upcoming Better City Superior Exposition District referendum on Nov. 8. Superior residents will have an opportunity to show their support for moving the city forward with this exciting proposal.

The Better City Superior Expo District would allow Superior to collect taxes on tourism and consumption-related spending. This includes prepared food and beverage, lodging and rental cars. The money then would be used to fund development of projects that would attract visitors and spending in the city of Superior.

The Better City Superior Expo District will not increase anyone’s property taxes!

You may be surprised to see the Douglas County Tavern League and many restaurant operators in Superior supporting the Expo District since we are the folks that will be collecting the additional sales taxes.

The reason we support the referendum is simple:

We all want to see Superior grow and prosper, and we believe new development that attracts more visitors to our downtown is good for all of us.

The total new taxes raised by the Expo District are minor in comparison to what a vibrant downtown could do for our city and our taxpayers. The Expo District will only cost you an extra 5¢ for every $10 you spend on prepared food and beverages or rental cars in Superior. It will only cost you an extra 27.5¢ for every $10 you spend on local hotels.

The likelihood is tourists to will be picking up a good share of these new taxes when they visit Superior.

The Better City Superior Expo District is a win-win for Superior. Our downtown gets much needed new development that will provide new recreation and entertainment options for our residents and attract more visitors to our community.

Finally, the Better City Superior Expo District could be a catalyst to fuel even greater private investment in our community in the future.

As they said in the movie “Field of Dreams,” “if you build it, they will come!”

Please join us in supporting the Better City Superior Expo District referendum Nov. 8.

Keith Kern is the owner of Jimmy’s, 9th District Superior City Councilor, and president of the Douglas County Tavern League. John Dandrea and Aaron Dandrea, are president and vice president respectively of Vintage Italian Pizza.

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