Better City Says Thank You to Superior


Overwhelming “Yes” Vote Gratifying

By Bruce Thompson

Bruce Thompson, National Bank of Commerce President, and leader of Better City Superior initiative

Bruce Thompson, National Bank of Commerce President, and leader of Better City Superior initiative

The results of Tuesday’s Exposition District Advisory Referendum is truly extraordinary (the referendum passed 75%-25%). The outcome of this vote by the citizenry of Superior lends considerable clout for our lobbyists and representatives.

They will take this positive result with to Madison as they work with towards creating a small market Exposition District economic development solution for Superior.  Public/Private Partnerships and private investment capital will then become a reality for Superior. I believe that prosperity will follow.

The Board members of Better City Superior extend a big thank you to the voters of Superior!  Your positive support has helped our cause and it matters a great deal.  

I am fortunate to be the visible messenger in this undertaking, but my success depends on the contributions from the business community, labor, government representatives, my employer, consultants, citizens, and my wife (who misses me a lot). Your “Yes” vote has made our efforts all the more worthwhile.

We can now carry on downstate with our idea. We ask that you continue to express a positive attitude about our proposal. You can help us positively inform as many citizens as possible by directing then to our websites for more information.

The websites that contain a wealth of information about Better City Superior include, and, as well as (enter Better City in the ES Search bar and click enter).

vote-yesThe next step is to schedule meetings with the Secretary of Administration, Budget Director and the Governor. We will travel to Madison in the next three to four weeks to make our case. If successful, the current exposition district legislation to be modified for Superior and then included in the 2017 bi-annual state budget.

The Bettercity:Superior Board and other community leaders will likely come together for the trip to make our case in the state capitol.

After we’ve done our work in Madison to achieve favorable consideration of our proposal, citizens will be asked once again to vote on Better City Superior in April. That referendum will be binding and will authorize the City Council to form the Exposition District in our downtown.

Please save your yard signs, and be sure to show up to vote in “Yes” in April!

Thanks again,

Bruce Thompson
Bettercity:Superior Inc., President

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