Better City Superior Public Meeting

Bruce Thompson Explains BCS Proposal

By Doug Dalager


Last week at the Superior Public Library, Better City Superior proponent Bruce Thompson led a discussion that not only explained the thought process, funding and political steps necessary to get the BCS proposal over the goal line, but also accepted questions for well over an hour.

This can be rather dry stuff folks, but if you truly care about your city and are interested in learning what can be done to help start redeveloping Superior, I encourage you to set aside the time to watch this video from start to finish. 

During the presentation, Thompson patiently and thoroughly explained what his group is proposing, the process that remains to be worked through, and why they believe this could be a win-win for Superior.

Many are concerned that their real estate taxes could rise should this project fail, but as Thompson explained, the funding institutions that take on bonds for such projects have to be right 99.5% of the time. You can be certain that if they are issuing bonds to the tune of $30M dollars, they will insure the project has an exceedingly high chance of success.

So…please take the time to listen to this entire video presentation. If you can’t eat this elephant in one bite, watch it in increments as you have time, but by all means, do watch this the entire presentation so you can be properly informed prior to voting on November 8th. Should you need more information, I encourage you to go to the Better City website by clicking HERE

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