Better City Superior Referendum Results | Explore Superior

Better City Superior Referendum Passes


75.5% of Voters Favor a Better City!

By Doug Dalager

As I anxiously awaited the results of tonight’s election to be posted on the Douglas County website, I pondered what the future of Superior might be. A no vote would likely spell the end of the three year effort to establish an Exposition District in Superior…hope of redeveloping the downtown in a big way would dwindle.

I believe this is a very important decision since doing nothing is how Superior has gotten in the state of decline that we see today. Doing nothing would mean a city government that continues to stress over expenses and cause a continuing “finger in the dike” method of attempting to maintain city services.

A “No” vote would assure that real estate taxes would continue to rise.

Thankfully, the citizens of Superior chose to Vote Yes. They chose to look to the future with a positive attitude, a hopeful outlook, and most importantly…they chose to take control of their future. Congratulations Superior, you have taken a brave stance that is the necessary first step towards growth and survival.

Here are the results as reported by the County website at 9:43 p.m. tonight. Now on to Madison!

Better City Superior Referendum Results | Explore Superior

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