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Paul R. Tregurtha

Loading the Tregurtha in Superior

Have you ever watched the ore carrier “Paul R. Tregurtha” gliding beneath the raised Aerial Lift Bridge in Duluth? Known as the “Queen of the...

Kestrel Jet Over Lake Superior

Kestel Project Delayed Due to Funding

Here is an interesting video news story from WDIO News about Kestrel and the status of this project, and what it means to Superior. Could this be a replay of the...

Cirrus Plane Crash in Australia

Cirrus Plane Parachute Saves Four Lives!

Just came across this amazing video of a Cirrus airplane coming in for a parachute landing. Apparently this just happened in Australia around 10:30 am, on May 10th,...

Alan Klapmeier, Kestrel CEO

Kestrel…….The one bird I haven’t seen or heard about this Spring

Has anyone noticed all of the construction going on up and down Tower Ave.  From Anderson/Hammack on the North End to Kwik Trip on the South End.   The one I have been...

Lake Superior Rental

It’s Sad When a Small Business Closes

Earlier this week I learned that Lake Superior Rentals on Elmira has closed its doors as of April 1st.  Formerly Thompson Rental which was on Tower Ave for years,...

UWS’s SBDC Offers Entrepreneurial Workshop April 16

UW-Superior’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and Center for Continuing Education present “Encore Entrepreneurship: Essentials for Starting a Business After...


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