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4 Fun Facts About Sea Gulls

By Felicity Bosk 1. They almost went extinct In the 1880’s seagulls were nearly wiped out by hunters who wanted their white feathers¬†and eggs.¬†The population has...

Where Is This Building In Superior?

Where oh Where Could This Shield Be? We had some fun with this yesterday, so let’s play again. I only have one architectural detail for you all to examine this...

Where in Superior is This?

Where In Superior Is This?

Third and Final Round of “Where’s This?” Okay, okay, I combed my hard drive and found another one….”Where in Superior can you find this...

Where's Marilyn

Where in Superior is Marilyn?

Do You Know Where This Is?

Brick Detailing in Superior

Architectural Beauty

In these days of pre-cast, modular, over-night construction, we seldom see such detailed brick work as is evident in the facade of this building in downtown Superior....

Do You Recognize This Building?

What Building is This?

Does this architectural feature ring any bells with any of you ESBS’ers out there? Unfortunately, you seldom see such beautiful details in the buildings of today....

Tower Avenue Address

Who Can Tell Us About This?

If you’ve walked down Tower Avenue, or done any business downtown , you’ve probably noticed this piece of engraving over the door of a business. You...

Architectural Decoration – Where?

Here is an interesting piece of architectural decoration…something seldom seen these days. Does anyone out there in Superiorland recognize this piece of urban...


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