Imitation the Sincerest Form of Flattery


Chamber Copies Explore Superior

Imagine my surprise when I typed into my browser, expecting to see the usual Superior/Douglas County Chamber of Commerce website pop-up on my screen! Suddenly I was confronted with the fact that someone at the Chamber of Commerce felt compelled to mimic the Explore Superior website.

At first I thought I must have made a mistake, was it still April Fool’s Day? After all, why would the Superior Chamber top their website with “Explore Douglas County?”

Imagine if Fox News were to headline their website as CNN. Now that would certainly be some fake news! Dare I say, that would be more than a Minor undertaking…

You already know what our Home page looks like, but just in case here’s a facsimile for you to examine before I reformat it to look like Positively Superior.

By the way…businesses can get listed on our directory for FREE…call Doug at 218-341-3476 to learn more!

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