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A Plea for Faith and Change


We Must Believe in Superior Again

By Jim Ronding

I have lived in Superior since we moved here in 1974, and my parents bought a house right behind Bridgeman’s at 1111 North 16th.  My sibs and I went to Superior Cathedral, and then graduated from Superior Senior High School. 

Jim Ronding

Jim Ronding

When we moved here I remember going to the Beacon and Palace Theatres, getting the best candy in the world at Guenards, and I cannot forget Connolly’s Bakery, Roth’s, Seigal’s, Ekstrom’s, and so many more standards in Superior at that time.  I LOVED the fact that we moved here from Barron Wisconsin…I loved my new hometown.

Things have changed

Our downtown seems almost non-existent.  However, the rebuilding of Tower Avenue has us poised to once again rebuild and become a new stronger, more self-sufficient Superior again. 

So, now why hasn’t anything happened so far? 

The reason is 20+ years of sitting on our hands doing relatively nothing bold and new since Barker’s Island in my opinion.  Who and why would any developer take a big risk on us when they could pay a little more, invest in Duluth and be guaranteed a return on investment with little risk?

I have sold real estate for 32 years in this city, and I know this to be true- THEY WON’T.

We are poised to make an impact like we have never seen in our City with the Better City Superior initiative.  So, what is it all about and why should you vote to support it on Tuesday?

Look to Duluth…thank heavens for Duluth, and what they have done!  In many respects, we are trying to duplicate what they are doing, but without a referendum and ultimately State Approval we will not be able to create an “Exposition District” to get those developers here to invest and build significantly in Superior. 

Yes, they will get assistance from us because with an increased tax on food, beverage and hotel taxes we will be able to provide that…just like our neighbors in Duluth have been doing for decades.

Why will it work? 

It will work because we have advantages that other communities who are also struggling do not have. We have a very attractive neighbor in Duluth for these developers, and they would take a chance on us because of the strong economy and development in Duluth. 

After all…we are the Twin Ports and they are right there next to us!

The other obvious thing we have that others do not is the largest freshwater lake in the world almost surrounding us!  Tourists love our lake!

In talking to people about this initiative, I get the same question…Why would I want to pay more taxes?  My answer is the same- I totally agree…why would you want to pay more taxes? 

vote-yesI am a firm believer (and there is proof) that our City is going to have trouble keeping up with our expenses. As a matter of fact, we bond (or borrow) already to keep afloat.  Who do you know that pays for expenses with credit?  Our City does. Maybe the only way to correct this is for new tax bases to come to Superior through development. 

My last point is that with a consumption tax on food, beverage, hotel, etc, really…how much taxes are you and I going to pay, as opposed to visitors?  If you are like me…as a visitor I pay them every time I go to Duluth for entertainment, but I don’t even think about it.

So, the bottom line is this…WE MUST BELIEVE IN SUPERIOR AGAIN! 

Please vote yes to the Better City Superior Initiative on Tuesday, November 8th.

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