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Planning Superior's Future | Explore Superior©

City Planning & Economic Development

“For An Orderly and Balanced Use of Land” Above is primary mission of the City Office of Planning and Economic Development as listed on the City of...

Majority Leader Jim Steineke supportive of Superior's proposed Expo District Explore Superior

Support For BCS Growing in Madison

Better City Superior Gaining Some Traction In a recent visit to the state Capitol in Madison, Better City Superior (BCS) leader Bruce Thompson had the opportunity to...

The Philosophy Behind Better City

How BCS Leadership Frames Superior’s Challenges Better City Superior achieved a 75% approval rating by voters in the November election last year, and since then...

Waterfront Development is not allowed for the Better City Superior initiative

Why Downtown is the Best Place to Develop

BCS Is Getting Closer to Becoming a Reality Explore Superior has been covering the ongoing efforts of local leaders to bring a large development to our downtown area....

Proposed Area of Better City Superior development | Explore Superior

How Land Will Be Acquired for Better City Superior

City and Private Perspectives of Land Acquisition With the prospect of a large development being undertaken in the downtown area of Superior, some have expressed...

Development in Superior could follow the examples of the Golden Triangle in Mississippi

Development Mississippi Style

The Golden Triangle of Mississippi The video linked to below is about what has been accomplished in an area of Mississippi known as the Golden Triangle by a fellow...

Tower Avenue 1960 street scene

Better City Superior Releases Video

Check out this new video from the Better City Superior folks (be sure to pump up the volume!) They are preparing for their next public meeting on Thursday, October 20th,...

Kestrel Partners With Composite Company

Kestrel Aircraft Partners With TenCate Advanced Composites Kestrel Aircraft has partnered with TenCate Advanced Composites, a leading supplier of advanced thermoset...

Dave Minor

ALDI’s Update (and What’s Next?)

Development News & Questions “You want competition within your business community,” Superior Douglas County Chamber President Dave Minor said. ALDI, a...


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