A Story Etched in Stone

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Veterans Honored in Tile Gallery

“Never seen nothing like this in quite a while,” Aden said.

He shared his story of service and, when they headed out for breakfast, he left his name etched in stone. Aden is one of more than 2,000 veterans whose names are inscribed on the center’s commemorative tile gallery.

It took a village to honor Aden.

“I guess you can say this isn’t just a war story; it’s a love story,” Sue Zeman said.

Aden was drafted and joined the U.S. Army on Valentine’s Day 1943. He trained in Camp McCain, Mississippi, and sailed from New York City to Liverpool, England, on the British vessel Cape Town Castle in September 1943.

“They said 100,000 soldiers shipped out that day,” Aden said.

Some of his fellow infantrymen were frightened.

“I actually wanted to get away from that training, training, training,” Aden said. “Be over there.”

After another eight months of training

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