Comprehensive Recreation Plan Done

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Superior Telegram

Panel Wraps Up Work on Superior’s Plan

A committee appointed to develop a master plan for Superior’s outdoor recreation facilities wrapped up its work Tuesday, March 26.

The committee met to prioritize park improvements, the final step before the plan is finalized and delivered to the city’s Parks, Recreation and Forestry Commission for consideration next month.

The plan will guide improvements to the city’s trail systems, parks and outdoor spaces for years to come. It was developed to replace the aging master plans for city parks, Billings Park and the Superior Municipal Forest.

Projects could include a sheltered playground in Allouez Park or Carl Gullo Park going to the dogs. It could help expand the Millennium Trail to reach State Highway 105 with spur trails to North 28th Street and Billings Drive. A trail on the water for paddlers could reach between Dwight’s Point in the Superior Municipal Forest and Wisconsin Point. Those are just a handful of more than three dozen proposals included in the plan.

The draft Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan for the city highlights recreational opportunities, prioritizes improvements for parks, the municipal forest and trails, and marketing the cities assets to ensure the facilities are used and promote public health, wellness and economic development, and…

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