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Health Insurance Change Affects Superior Bus Drivers

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Last week, the Superior School Board approved changes to employee handbooks that will impact health coverage, dental coverage and teacher salaries.

The Board passed two measures by a 3-0 vote, with President Len Albrecht abstaining.

The item drawing the most attention was language for the school district’s health insurance policy.

Karen Johnson, a bus driver for the school district, asked the Board to reconsider the policy. A change made in July 2015 increased the number of hours employees must average to qualify for health care coverage, and the Board was voting to reaffirmed that change with the language approved June 7.

“I don’t see us getting any bus drivers knocking at the door looking for a job,” Johnson said. “I hope you consider that bus drivers do need health care.”

Previously, bus drivers and other support staff employees averaging 25 hours a week had qualified for coverage. Now,…

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