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Baby Snapping Turtles Leave the Nest

From the nearby woods, early morning songsters continued with several warblers, a couple of vireos, a hermit thrush and a catbird.

When I got to the swamp, I paused to look at the movements of a family of ring-necked ducks hiding in the shallows, while further out, the growing Canada geese clan fed.

The woods are shady and spring wildflowers that were so dominant a few weeks ago now are faded, leaving only the shade-tolerant clintonia, starflower and wild lily-of-the valley still in bloom.

The flowering scene has shifted to fields and roadsides. Here, I see daisies, hawkweeds, buttercups and lupines producing plenty of color welcoming in the solstice.

But as I look at this floral display along the road, I see something else as well. A large, dark object, looking almost like a rock is present, and it is moving. Upon a closer approach, I see that I have

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