Open Letter to Council District 4

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My name is Jack Sweeney, and I am running for re-election in the 4th District of Superior.

I have worked with many, many citizens of the 4th District about their pressing problems and concerns – from alleys to streets, from trees to grass clippings, from neighbor to neighbor disputes and from citizen to city government problems including many undisclosed (for privacy reasons) serious problems, many of which were successfully resolved. My dedication has been to the 4th District in helping solve individual problems.

I appreciate the letters of support from former government officials, city councilors, and citizens. Many reiterated my dedication to financial conservatism concerns about spending and long term quality decision making; in addition, my willingness to ask the tough questions and avoid being a rubber stamp. It takes time (which I have), in-depth investigation and compromise in arriving at solutions for the 4th District and the city as a whole. The department heads and staff in our city government are dedicated to that end, as well.

Vote for and re-elect Jack Sweeney, a life long citizen of East End.

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This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.

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