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Explore Superior Visits Superior Kiwanis


Explore Superior representatives Steve Christen of AA Roll Off, and Doug Dalager of Cool Town Connect, visited the Superior Kiwanis Club today at their regular Thursday luncheon meeting at Perkins on Hwy 2. The purpose of the visit was to explain the intent of Explore Superior to become a broad-based community blog, where local residents, business people, students, and past-residents, as well as visitors can post news of Superior and Douglas County.

While there are numerous resources for this sort of information, many of them are based in Duluth and are mostly Duluth-centric in their postings and information. Explore Superior hopes to bring to life the happenings of Superior and Douglas County. Our blog encourages interested parties to register to become contributors to Explore Superior. After an enrollment process, and confirmation that you are a “real’ person and not a “bot” or crazy person (lol), we will give you admittance to our circle of friends and you will be able to update the community about topics near and dear to your heart.

For more information about Explore Superiorkiwanis, please look at our “How To” section for instructions on how to register, how to contribute, and various other technical details. You can even print off all of the instructions so that from this section and then have them handy by your computer when you start your journey as an Explore Superior Blog Supporter, or as we like to refer to ourselves, an ESBS’er!

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