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Would You Like To Become “Published” Online?

Explore Superior Seeks Writers, Photographers, and VideographersExplore Superior was launched with the intent of allowing local residents, former residents, and visitors to our area the opportunity to learn and explore Superior and Douglas County. Who better to tell those stories than the people who already love this beautiful place?

Residents of northwestern Wisconsin obtain most of their news from news media located in Duluth, Minnesota. Our local paper, the Superior Telegram is owned by the Duluth News Tribune, which in turn is owned by a company out of Fargo, North Dakota. Although the Telegram reporters and publisher do their best to report on Superior, there is only so much space on their pages.

It is not surprising that non-profits, community organizations, local businesses and government officials are not always successful in getting Superior and Douglas County news into the local papers.

Of the thirty plus radio stations in our area, all but a few are beamed in from Minnesota. The local weekly newspapers are the Duluth Reader, and the Zenith City Weekly (actually published bi-weekly) which are slanted heavily towards news and events of Duluth. While we support and thank these publications for any coverage of Superior that they provide, they are limited in what they can do with their allotted print space. 

Those of us on the “right” side of the bridge get most of our news from our friends across the bay.

Explore Superior presents an opportunity for supporters of the our area to turn the news on its ear, and post the news and events of our community directly online as a blog Contributor. You can make the news by becoming involved on Explore Superior!

All you need do is go to the How To / Login & Post menu tabs on the website to get started. If you are a Facebook user, the easiest way to register is by clicking the Facebook icon. Before you know it, you’ll be into our website and be able to begin posting and uploading photos. If you are still unsure how to proceed, feel free to call Doug Dalager at (218) 341-3476 for some free advice.

We invite you to share short items, long items, interesting stories, and photos and videos with your fellow readers. Explore Superior is the first and only website/blog devoted to our area that welcomes every neighbor to help write its digital pages.

You don’t need to be a professional writer to participate, you only need to have a love of our area and the desire to share what you have to say and what you’ve seen about the town and county. Although we’d be happy to have the work of polished professionals on our website, we are most interested in hearing from our friends and neighbors whom we see on the streets each day. We’re looking for simple stories or a few paragraphs about something you feel the readers of Explore Superior would really enjoy.

We are interested in the news that doesn’t make it into the “news”…perhaps you have short stories, and photos that tell readers what it is like to live here. Maybe you’d like to write about the interesting people, places or happenings that make you proud of our corner of Wisconsin. Tell us about your community club, your neighborhood events, or whatever you think your neighbors might be interested in hearing about. Memories of days gone by, or dreams of the future…all are fodder for good stories.

Finally, if you are not comfortable entering your own stories into the Explore Superior blog, please email them to, along with a photo or two to illustrate your story, your permission for us to publish your work, and a phone number we can reach you at.

Note: Please do not submit photos that you do not own; we are unable to display photos that may be protected by royalty agreements. If it is brought to our attention that one of our contributors has submitted an image that is copyright protected, we will immediately remove it from this website. We act in good faith, and ask that royalty holders simply request that we take down an image by contacting us at

At this point, we do not pay for contributor submissions, but may do so in the future as our readership grows and with increased ad revenue. In the meantime, you’ll have our utmost appreciation!

Here are some story ideas to get you started!

  • Why I Grew Up Here and Never Left
  • Why I Returned to Superior/Douglas County
    • Tell us where you went, and why you came back
    • What did you miss most about our area?
  • Why I’m Happy To Have Moved Here
    • Where did you come from, what brought you here?
    • Why have you decided to stay here indefinitely?
  • Stories About People From Our Area
    • The world is full of characters, some funny, some grouchy, and some who are just wonderful to be around and have in your life.
    • Share a story about someone who is a real character
  • Only in Superior!
    • Share a story or photo of something you’d only see in our hometown
  • People Are So Nice Here
    • Share a story of random acts of kindness you’ve experienced here.
    • Tell us a story of how the acts of your neighbors surprised you.
  • Weather Stories
    • Worst winter ever and how you dealt with it
    • Coldest/warmest summer stories and how you survived/celebrated
  • Restaurant and Local Tavern Stories
    • Where are the best burgers in town, why do you like certain restaurants
    • Who has the best coffee, and what is their secret
    • Stories of local characters in the bars of Superior (keep it clean now!)
    • Share photos of your favorite meals along with the people who served you
  • The Best Cook or Bartender in Town
    • Tell their story and include a photo or two of them (with their permission)
    • Ask them for a recipe of a dish or cocktail to include in your story.
  • Your Favorite Teacher or Mentor
    • Perhaps you’ll always remember that certain teacher who meant so much to you.
    • Or, that one person who gave you valuable advice early in your career that you still follow. Tell us about these important people and how they changed your life.
  • Your Favorite Lake, River, Trail, Campsite, or…
    • We are blessed by a beautiful outdoors in northwestern Wisconsin. Tell us what makes your favorite place so special, and what brings you back there time and time again.
    • Share stories about fond memories that took place in your special place.
  • Tell us a Funny Story
    • You must have a tale or two that took place right here about something hilarious that happened to you or someone you know. Share it with us!
    • Maybe your funny story is just an observation about life in the northland. Share it with us and let us all in on the joke!

We at Explore Superior look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us with any questions.