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Hermanson Issues Mayoral Platform


Candidate Details Her Goals

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Kalee Hermanson | Superior Mayoral Platform | Explore Superior

Kalee Hermanson

The following statement was sent to us by the Kalee Hermanson for Mayor campaign and is reprinted here verbatim. Other candidates are encouraged to send us their platforms and statements as well.

About Kalee Hermanson

  • Candidate for Mayor of Superior
  • Lifelong resident of Superior
  • Graduate of Superior High School
  • Graduate of UW-Superior with degree in Sociology and Business Administration
  • Married to Joe Hermanson, daughter Kenna
  • Personal Lines Insurance Agent at Holden Insurance Agency in Superior.
  • Previously ran for Mayor in 2014

Community Involvement

  • Helped organize South End Days and the first annual Guns and Hoses Softball and Pond Hockey games in efforts to bring the community together for a weekend of fun activities for families and adults
  • Helped create #WEARESUPERIOR in cooperation with Sarah Mayne and Craig Sutherland with goal to create a grassroots movement to empower and restore pride in our community
  • House league coordinator for the Superior Basketball Association
  • President of the Bryant Elementary Parent Teacher Organization
  • Commissioner on the City Planning Commission for five years
  • Serves on the Board of Directors for the United Way of Superior Douglas County and most recently the Head of the Lakes United Way (HLUW)
  • Chairperson of the HLUW Governance Committee

Why She is Running For Mayor

“My decision to run again for Mayor was not an easy one for me, but I came to the realization that this wasn’t about me, this is about all of us. I felt compelled to run, so that we can all have a voice at the City level. I am confident that I am the right candidate for us.

I have the leadership skills, but most importantly, I care about Superior, its future, and the people that live here. We have the opportunity to move our community forward in a positive direction.”

Hermanson’s Mayoral Platform

We will make the Budget a top priority.

  • We will set optimistic and realistic goals to put the City budget on track.
  • An independent audit of all city financials will be done within the first 6 months, and will identify key areas in which we can clean up in order to ensure proper spending of our tax dollars.
  • We will cut Frivolous spending and bring back funding to our Public Service Departments, Public Works and Parks and Recs in order to protect and serve our community.
  • Our property taxes are high and on the rise. We will set a realistic goal to lower taxes and fees over the next 5 years by being transparent and fiscally responsible in all of our decisions.

We will focus on bringing jobs to Superior

  • I will utilize the previous administrations direction of a Mayor’s Economic Development Committee and put together a strong group of dedicated and diverse people who have the desire to work around the clock to bring in Industry and new business.
  • We will utilize special grants and programs to recruit and maintain new business. We have the opportunity to offer 5-year tax free incentives to a variety of businesses.
  • We will bring in higher paying jobs by partnering with our world class schools to show businesses that we have the workforce they desire.
  • We will create and maintain jobs for Young Professionals and existing residents so that we all have the opportunity to stay right here in Superior.
  • We will embrace and work with Better City of Superior at the city and state level. We will also promise to maintain our civic duty and make sure that we set this up to succeed, and we will ensure that the risks we take will not come back on our residents.
  • We will continue to encourage Entrepreneurs to set up local business in Superior by utilizing our resources at the Wisconsin Small Business Development center at UWS, the Development Association and the BID. Our local businesses are a unique asset to our community and tourism development, it is important that we continue to support our local businesses. When we shop local, on average, 68% of our money spent goes right back into our community.

We will regain focus on our Public Service Departments in order to maintain the safety of the community.

  • Our police department is feeling the impending strain of being short staffed. They could soon face the loss of 18 officers over the next 3 years due to retirement, in turn creating an even large gap in officers on the streets to protect our citizens.
  • Our Firefighters have received grants over the past few years to help with their staffing needs, but those grants are nearing the end, and they too face the same issues as our police.
  • It is imperative that we work together with the City Councilors, the police department, the police and fire, and public safety committees to develop a strong budget and succession plan for future attrition for both Officers and Firefighters. Looking into the future we will be prepared to continuously meet adequate staffing levels in efforts to protect the community. The safety of our police officers, fire fighters, and the residents and visitors of our community is of utmost importance to me.
  • In order to support these future efforts, we will also partner with our area technical schools in attempts to offer training here to eliminate having to leave home for extended periods of time.

We will work to maintain and develop our housing stock and historic buildings

  • We lack affordable quality housing in Superior. In order to protect our residents we must set standards for our landlords and building owners. As a city, we must meet and exceed the standards of affordable quality housing.
  • We have the oldest housing stock in the area. We will work with independent developers and homeowners to find grants for those willing to bring life back into their homes, and those willing to develop new homes in Superior.
  • We will also seek out and welcome developers who are willing to invest and revitalize our vacant warehouses and historic buildings. These buildings are a part of our rich history, and we must do everything we can to preserve them for many years to come.

We will continue our dedication to building a Family Oriented Community

  • We are desperately lacking in entertainment options for children and families. We must invest in our children as they are our future. We will promote opportunities that bring families together at home and in the community. It is imperative that we work together as a community, because It really does take a village.
  • We will work with grant writers to embrace opportunities that will allow us to invest in our parks and making them a focal point of each neighborhood to bring our communities together.
  • We will utilize and promote the great outdoors through the use of our beautiful Superior Municipal Forest, Wisconsin Point, and City and County trails.

Closing Statement by Kalee Hermanson

“This campaign is for all of us. I want to hear from you how we can build upon these ideas and what we can do to make this community even better. How can we make your lives fuller, our neighborhoods safer, and our community stronger.

I believe in our city, and believe we have the potential to do so much more. We can make Superior a place in which we desire to live, work, and play in. I am not afraid to work hard every day for you. I’m willing to ask tough questions and make tough decisions for the betterment of our community.

I believe in leading by example and that becoming a leading family-oriented city is possible by working together. It is time we put our City and the people’s best interests first, not for the sole purpose of holding power and maintaining status quo. Together we will work towards a brighter tomorrow.”

More information about Hermanson’s campaign can be found on her website and her Facebook page.

Her campaign can be contacted by email or by phone.

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