Handcranked computer

Amish on Computers?


Handcranked computerYesterday, your friendly Explore Superior administrator sent a well-intentioned  email with some instructions to a new subscriber who was having difficulty verifying her account. She responded by thanking us for our help and declaring that she is “when Amish when it comes to computers.” Thinking I’d be funny and respond to her with a goofy picture off of the internet of something silly like a hand-powered powered computer, I Googled ‘hand cranked computer”.

Who knew that they’ve been making these things since 2008 and have already produced more than two million of them! It was designed to deal with electricity shortages in developing countries, and is part of a One Laptop Per Child initiative. To see more information about this unit, click HERE.  This is not an endorsement of this non-profit (do your own research,) I just found it very interesting.

Anyway, if you find yourself having a difficult time opening up your account with Explore Superior, please see our instructions under the HOW TO menu tab. Better yet, print off our 8 page instruction guide and keep it next to your computer. If all else fails, get in touch with us at ExploreSuperior@gmail.com and we’ll try to talk you off of the ledge.

Have a Superior Day!

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