Mayoral Candidates Q&A with Explore Superior


Here Are All Six Questions With Links To The Candidates’ Answers

If you’ve been following Explore Superior for the past six days, you’ve had an opportunity to see an ongoing question and answer session between ES and the five candidates. This post has links to the answers give by all five candidates to all six questions.

Each candidate responded to six questions, follow these links to see their responses:
1. “Why are you the best candidate for Mayor of Superior?” see answers HERE.
2. “What are the three biggest economic issues facing the City today?” see answers HERE.
3. “How will you encourage continued economic development in Superior?” see answers HERE.
4. “Do you believe that Superior has a crime problem, and if so, what will you do to confront it?” HERE.
5. “What is your view of labor relations between the City and its employees?” see answers HERE.
6. “What is the one major accomplishment you hope to achieve if you are elected mayor?” go HERE.

Explore Superior has also posted a number of videos on our site featuring each of the candidates answering questions on camera. In order to see how they respond under pressure, and while in the company of each other, click HERE to go to the Explore Superior Video Library.


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