Poplar Ave. Stormwater Project

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Project Description

There have been recurring water-in-basement issues in the Central Business District area. Additionally, the DOT has plans for road reconstruction of Belknap Street. To help alleviate current and anticipated stormwater runoff in this area, the City of Superior is developing a plan for receiving all of the redirected stormwater runoff from the storm sewer system being implemented by the DOT and to reduce storm water loading to the existing combined sewer system. This project maintains treatment standards as required by the DNR and allows for future expansion.

Projects to construct storm sewers in combined sewer districts have proven effective at reducing water-in-basement issues in South Superior and Billings Park. The objective of the proposed project is to alleviate flooding risk for Central Business District.

The project will consist of approximately 2000 feet of storm sewer that will discharge to a storm water basin and 1650 feet of sanitary sewer to maintain

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