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Review 360 for Behavior Solutions

By Kelly Duffy

Review 360 RtI for Behavior Solutions supports districts in meeting behavioral intervention and management needs within the framework of an innovative positive behavioral support model. The system is a comprehensive approach to address the behavioral needs of students.

Review 360 was founded by experts in educational psychology at the College of Education at the University of Houston to provide school districts with advanced, research-based solutions that help improve student behavior and academic achievement while meeting local, state and federal mandates.

These founders recognized the need for a solution that would address the behavioral side of the Response to Intervention triangle. This web-based positive behavior management software system was developed, tested and proven in urban school districts across multiple tiers of intervention.

Review 360 is specifically designed to match the core features of Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports (PBIS), which have been consistently demonstrated, by a variety of researchers who employed systematic and empirical methodologies, to establish PBIS as a scientifically-based approach to improving student behavior. Review 360 facilitates the following processes:

  1. Identifies specific behavioral objectives that include positive replacement behaviors and specific behavioral goals
  2. Collect relevant student data from multiple sources
  3. Generates daily reports, summary reports and charts student data for the teachers
  4. Applies practical strategies and tracks these implementation practices
  5. Generates various levels of reports that district administrators and teachers can use to track student progress

Review 360 is designed to focus on all of the school district’s positive behavioral support needs and is constructed to address a myriad of specific behaviors within each of the seven research identified behavior categories: inattention-organization, hyperactivity-impulsivity, social deficiencies, defiance, aggression, academic problems, and self-concept.

This system is for teachers, administrators, parents and students. As a web based system, Review 360 fosters continual real-time communication between all service providers and parents of the student.

The Review 360 goal for the 2015-16 academic year in the School District of Superior’s is to support student behavior using Review 360 to provide evidence-based behavior data system, to identify specific behaviors, write SMARTE goals based on data, assign and implement research-proven interventions to fidelity. Presently 53 staff members have been trained, student intervention plans are being designed and more staff are requesting access daily.

During the first half of the school year special education staff are being encouraged to use Review 360 with one student with tier 3 behavioral needs, communicating via the IEP process the behavioral goal, interventions utilized to address the behavioral need and data collected to evaluate the effectiveness of the behavior intervention.

Kelly Duffy, Special Education Instructional Coach | Explore Superior

Kelly Duffy

Kelly Duffy is a Special Education Instructional Coach for the School District of Superior

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