Superior H.S. Receives “C” From State


Assembly Bill 1 Attempts To Force School Accountability

By Johnathan Erickson

School Report CardIn past years, the high school has been having some trouble on their school report card issued by the Department of Public Instruction. Last year the school received a 67.1, which is a “C.” The two years before, the school has received a 62.9 (2011-12) and a 60.8 (2012-13) which, accord­ing to DPI, is meeting few expectations and failing.

To provide publicly-funded schools with the incentive to perform better, the state is looking at new legislation focused on school accountability. Assembly Bill 1 (AB1), presented in the Wiscon­sin State Assembly and Senate Bill 1 (SB1), pre­sented in the Wisconsin State Senate, both aim to establish clearer sanctions on schools not meeting state standards.

Under these bills, if a school is chronically fail­ing for three consecutive years, the state has the authority to implement new curriculum, instruc­tional design, professional development programs, personnel changes or adopt accountability measures to monitor the school district. Under AB1, if a school continues failing, following the state taking action, it will be converted into an inde­pendent charter school, which would receive pub­lic funding but operate outside of the state school system.

Superior School District Superintendent Janna Stevens said that she thinks that SBI, as currently written, is fair. She, however, doesn’t agree with the idea of converting a school into a charter school.

“In my opinion, taking over a public school that is struggling and put­ting it out for bid to an independent company with the hopes that it will miraculously turn into a fabulous school is lunacy,” Stevens said.

If a school is converted into a charter school, it is likely to face less stan­dards and a cut in fund­ing. Stevens thinks that a more effective solution would be to target spe­cific problems and insert proper interventions.

Superior High School, having received low scores the past couple of years, has been working to improve its scores by focusing on math and reading.

For more information on these bills, click these links: AB1 and SB1 to see text of the bills. You may also follow this LINK to go to the Wisconsin State Legislature website.

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