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COUNTY BOARD YOUTH DELEGATES RECOGNITION: County Board Chairman Mark Liebaert (center) gave certificates of appreciation to youth delegates Dustin Soyring (left) and Nathan Lindahl (right).

County Board Recognizes Youth Delegates

Douglas County has a strong tradition of involving youth in local government, being the first county in Wisconsin to include high school students on the County Board of...

Purple Loosestrife - source wikicommons | Explore Superior

Purple Loosestrife Targeted in Douglas County

Beetles Wielded to Control Purple Loosestrife By Amy Eliot, UWS-Lake Superior Research Institute The Douglas County Land & Water Conservation Department (DCLWD) is...


Economic Development in Douglas County

The Douglas County region has a large supply of available business sites, as well as a vibrant business community. We are at the head of the Great Lakes, with convenient...

Parks & Recreation in Douglas County

Outdoor Opportunities In Douglas County

The largest community forest in the country is located within the city limits of Superior, Wisconsin. Coupled with our location on Lake Superior, the Douglas County area...


Reasons to Relocate to Douglas County

There are many opportunities in real estate in Douglas County and Superior, Wisconsin. Relocating to our area can be very rewarding.


Welcome to Douglas County from Andy Lisak

Here is a “Welcome to Douglas County” video featuring county administrator Andy Lisak. It appears on the Douglas County website.