65 Saloons – Or Not?


This would seem an appropriate video for a sunny, Friday afternoon in Superior.  A fellow by the name of Rich Parker posted this video to YouTube on July 18, 2009.  Backed by a moody, yet funky jazz track (uncredited,) this video purports to show photos of 65 Superior Saloons.

Suffice it to say that Superior is changing, most would say for the better.   While I noticed a couple bars that were missed in this video (Pudge’s in East End, for example,) I counted about a dozen that no longer exist, and few more that have changed their names.

One commentator about this video on YouTube states that he tracked 110 bars in Superior in 1968 while completing a cartography project at UWS.  An online search suggests that there were 77 liquor licenses in Superior in 2003.  Many closings since have no doubt reduced that number further.

Kudos to the bar owners who have improved their properties…they will no doubt survive as the less savory establishments will no doubt close one by one…

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