Amnicon Falls State Park


From John Wanserski, uploaded to YouTube, January 14, 2010

This 825 acre park near Superior, Wisconsin has a number of beautiful waterfalls and cascades along the Amnicon River. A half billion years ago earthquakes along the Douglas Fault caused lava flows across the region. Ancient seas deposited sandstone over the underlying lava before the earthquakes. Since the last glaciers past here the sandstone has been eroding down to the basalt bedrock.

The result along the Douglas Fault line has been a series of waterfalls that are the main features of the park. A small brownstone quarry in the park operated for about 20 years in the 1880s. Trout, walleye and smelt travel up the Amnicon River in the spring to spawn. Coho and Chinook salmon spawn during the fall. There are 36 primitive campsites with no showers. About 1.8 miles of trails cover both sides of the river and cross through a picturesque covered bridge.

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