Get Er Done Club

Get-Er-Done Club Raises $4,115.00



FullSizeRender.jpg111234The Get ER Done Club of Gordon, Wisconsin raised $4,115.00 this year for their Annual Pink Run. This money is ear marked along with other monies since 2011 for breast cancer patients located in Southern Douglas County. It is for breast cancer medical bills. You need to live in Southern Douglas County but can be treated  at Essentia in Duluth, Ashland, and Spooner. You can be a treated at St. Lukes, the Mayo Clinic, the Main U, Marshfield Clinic, Green Valley Professional Center. The only requirement is where you live.

The Get ER Run Club has raised close to $14,000 to help local breast cancer patients.

First patients need to have their bills process through their medical insurance, then apply for Community Care or Financial Care through their provider. Some providers do not have this coverage. St. Lukes and Essentia do. It does not mean, if you do not qualify through them, that you will not qualify through Circle of Hope. Apply to Circle of Hope after this process. They will pay up to $2,000 on breast cancer medical bills for the year.

Some medical providers write off medical bills through Cardon Out Reach, Essentia is one such provider. Not all patients qualify though. There are guidelines.


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