Circle of Hope Announces The Compudyne Photography Project




10277354_825174074201265_2608659581439444883_nThis project is for Stage IV breast cancer patients with metastatic breast cancer. It is to provide some joy in their lives through photography. Photographer, Amy Peterson is volunteering for Circle of Hope to make this project happen. At least 10 patients will be helped unless further funding is donated specifically for this project. If you would like to donate, make a donation online at: or mail it to: Circle of Hope, 5204 Otsego St., Duluth, MN 55804. Make sure to designate what you want your donation to go to. All donations go as designated.

If you know Amy, she sprinkles joy everywhere. She is a trained photographer. She will be taking pictures of the patient and family members to be cherished and shared forever. Some may be used for a Celebration of Life, a picture board, for living rooms, for grandchildren, or an obituary.

These patients are selected by need based income. It is a local Duluth-Superior Project. The referrals are coming from Circle of Hope, nurse navigators and cancer social workers. There is an application, a release of information, and other details. Privacy and Hippa rules are followed with this project.

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