Garfield & Schmidt

City Councilor Defends Girl Friend’s Honor


Accuses Bureacrats of Hypocrisy

Submitted Press Release by Graham Garfield

I was disappointed to see Kara Schmidt, a candidate for Register of Deeds of Douglas County, was being attacked by political opponents spreading rumors, twisting her message and questioning her experience and capability. Kara and I have been through these kind of political attacks before.

Kara and I met at UWS, worked in student government together, and fell in love. We have been a happy and committed couple for the past three years. We share a common interest in public service and helping our community. Kara and I both served in the role of Student President at UWS, both served as representatives of UWS on the Douglas County Board, and Kara was an elected board member for a nonprofit representing WI student interests during Scott Walker’s attack on the UW-System. I am the youngest Alderman elected in the City of Superior, I position in which I take responsibility and pride.

The public must understand the hypocrisy in how younger adults are treated when they seek elected office. Kara has been encouraged by many established community members to seek leadership roles and has been praised for the work she has done in the local Democratic Party.

Kara was actually asked by the current and retiring Register of Deeds Gayle Wahner to run for this position because of her education and her experience in business and leadership. The first thing her opponents did was attack her age and her experience. You can’t have it both ways, the community needs young and educated leaders to step forward.

Younger elected officials like former Mayor Don Ness, current State Rep. Nick Milroy, and the 26 year-old president of the Duluth City Council Zach Filipovich are a testament that the community needs young leaders to prosper.

The reason Kara is being attacked and deliberately lied about is because status quo bureaucrats are scared of people like us. We seek out the work that needs to be done in a society.

When the children of many residents of Douglas County left for better job opportunities after college we actually moved here. We see the potential in this community and the good in its people.

If elected Resident of Deeds, Kara will serve with honor and distinction working full-time alongside those county employees that are not elected and advocating for other elected administrators to do the same. Young and capable leaders are exactly what this community needs.

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