Concerned Citizens Action Needed Tonight


Tuesday Sept.5th is Decision Day!

The Wisconsin Assembly will vote on Tuesday, September 5th to either include or exclude the Superior Exposition District from the 2017-2019 Wisconsin State Budget. Failure to get the Better City Superior initiative into the budget tomorrow could further delay significant redevelopment of our downtown.

This Is What You Need to Do

To persuade legislative leaders to include BCS in the 2017-2019 budget, we need you to start by creating ONE email and then paste the following content into the body of the email:

As a citizen concerned about the vitality of Superior and northwest Wisconsin, I support the Better City Superior Exposition District and ask for you to support it as well. This initiative will help move business forward, grow our community, and fuel our local and regional economy.

The Exposition District is our chance to make a positive change in our community. We need your help. Please include the Exposition District in the 2017-2019 budget. It is what our community wants – and needs – to grow and prosper.

Your Name*
Your Address*
Your Phone Number*

Be sure to enter your own name, address, and phone number. Once you’ve got the content for that email ready to go, copy the entire message.

Now open 15 more blank emails and paste what you just copied into the body of each email.

Then type the subject Regarding Superior Exposition District into the first email, then copy that and paste that into all 15 of the emails you’ve already pasted content into.

Finally, copy each of the 16 email addresses below one at a time and paste into the TO… line of each individual email with the body content and subject line.

Now you should have 16 emails ready to go with the identical body and subject matter, but addressed to sixteen different people (including the Governor).

Now the fun part begins! Click SEND on each of the sixteen finished emails and you’re done!

If fifty Superiorites do this tonight or early Tuesday morning, we can be assured that these decision makers will pay attention and hopefully will include OUR best interests in the State budget. Thank you for your help! 

Sen. Thomas Tiffany
Senate District 12
Call (608) 266-2509
Sen. Howard Marklein
Senate District 17
Call (608) 266-0703
Rep. Mark Born
Assembly District 39
Call (608) 266-2540
Sen. Alberta Darling
Senate District 8
Call (608) 266-5830
Sen. Leah Vukmir
Senate District 5
Call (608) 266-2512
Rep. Mike Rohrkaste
Senate District 5
Call (608) 266-2512
Rep. John Nygren
Assembly District 89
Call (608) 266-2343
Sen. Lena Taylor
Senate District 4
Call (608) 266-5810
Rep. Gordon Hintz
Assembly District 54
Call (608) 266-2254
Rep. Dale Kooyenga
Assembly District 14
Call (608) 266-9180
Sen. Jon Erpenbach
Senate District 27
Call (608) 266-6670
Rep. Katrina Shankland
Assembly District 71
Call (608) 267-9649
Sen. Luther S. Olson
Senate District 14
Call (608) 266-0751
Rep. Amy Loudenbeck
Assembly District 31
Call (608) 266-9967
Waylon Hurlburt
Budget/Finance Administrator
Call (608) 266-9709
Sen. Sheila Harsdorf
Senate District 10
Call (608) 266-7745
Rep. Mary Felzkowski
Assembly District 35
Call (608) 266-7694
Gov. Scott Walker
Office of the Governor
Call (608) 266-1212

Once you’re all done creating your emails, they should look a little something like this!

Better City Superior Needs Your Help | Explore Superior

Additionally, please click HERE be taken to the Better City Superior website where you can also fill out an online petition supporting this visionary development for the City of Superior.

Support Superior's Future by Contacting Wisconsin Lawmakers Now | Better City Superior | Explore Superior

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