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Explore Superior checked in with Bruce Thompson, leader of the Better City Superior initiative regarding progress of the Exposition District proposal in the Wiscsonsin State Senate. This is his report:

We’re Making Progress in the Senate

By Bruce Thompson

We’ve had a busy few weeks in Madison as we continue forward momentum to gain Senate approval for Superior’s exposition district.

Bruce Thompson, Better City Superior CEO | Explore Superior

Bruce Thompson, Better City Superior CEO

On Feb. 28, Sens. Janet Bewley and Terry Moulton introduced an amendment to SB727, making Superior the only applicable entity for the proposed exposition district as part of the legislation. Expo district supporters in both Superior and Eau Claire approved of this amendment.

We connected with members of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Small Business and Tourism to encourage their support of the amended bill. We also continued to engage with committee chairman Sen. Terry Moulton, who has provided great leadership for this bill.

Many of you also called and emailed committee members to request their support of SB727 and Superior’s exposition district.

Individual calls and emails truly make a difference to legislators and, due in part to your active roles in this process, we are optimistic that the committee will pass SB727 to the full Senate. Thank you for your ongoing efforts!

Better City Superior | Explore Superior

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The next step will be to convince key Senate leaders to schedule SB727 for a full Senate vote. We need everyone’s help in letting them know that Superior wants, deserves and NEEDS an exposition district to take control of our own future.

With their approval of SB727 we can attract workers to our community, grow our economy and improve the quality of life for everyone in northwest Wisconsin.

Your support has been critical in getting us this far. Will you take a few moments for the future of Superior and contact legislators to share your support once more? Please email or call state senators and ask them to bring SB727 to the floor for a YES vote.

Click Take Action to register your support for Better City Superior and the proposed Exposition District.

Bruce Thompson

Express Your Support – Call or email the Senators below:

  • For more information about Senate Bill 727, please click HERE.
  • Need more information about the Better City Superior initiative, please click HERE.
Legislator Name District Phone Number Email Address
Sen Scott Fitzgerald 13 (608) 266-7511
Sen Roger Roth 19 (608) 266-7511
Sen David Craig 28 (608) 266-7511
Sen Chris Kapenga 33 (608) 266-7511
Sen Stephen Nass 11 (608) 266-7511
Sen Duey Stroebel 20 (608) 266-7511

Suggested email copy


Please Support SB727


I am contacting you to ask for your support on SB727. This bill will allow Superior to create an exposition district, which is a proven economic development tool that has been successful in Milwaukee for more than 20 years.

SB727 is the result of years of research and input from Superior’s residents and businesses. Superior voters approved a referendum to create an exposition district by 75.5 percent in November 2016. As a resident of northwest Wisconsin, I want SB727 to pass.

Superior’s exposition district will boost our ability to attract and retain workers, grow our economy and improve our quality of life. But without legislative approval, the city can’t move forward with this effort.

The state of Wisconsin will also benefit from SB727 but, unlike other state initiatives, Superior’s exposition district won’t require the state’s taxpayers to invest in the project.

Please support SB727 and help bring this bill forward for a full Senate vote.

Thank you,

Your Name
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