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By Holly Kelsey-Henry

Black Fox Hair Studio Provides Expertise in the Newest hair
and Makeup Trends and serves women, men and children

Step into the Black Fox Hair Studio at 1408 Tower Ave. on any given day, and you’re likely to hear some lively hip-hop playing in the background. Other days, the mood might be rhythm and blues or jazz.

Owner and stylist Lena Cooper greets her clients in a smart black dress with a glitter wrap. Tomorrow, it might be a hip skirt and cowboy boots.

“I’m eclectic,” Cooper noted. “I consider myself a stylist, but that doesn’t end at hair or makeup. It can be in the music I share with clients, the fashion choices I make and the way I do hair. As a stylist, I feel like I’m in the race, but I never feel like I’ve arrived. I’m always learning, always striving and always trying new things. I want to know what comes next in fashion and hairstyles. It’s an overall, ongoing journey.”

The journey began for Cooper in 2012, when – burned out from working long hours – she decided to take a road trip from Chicago to Duluth with a friend.

“On that trip, I saw two eagles on the road,” she explained. “They didn’t move. The female looked at me, like, ‘We’re eating here and we’re not moving.’ And I just remember thinking it was such a majestic sight. I almost instantly had a revelation that this was where I should be. I got called to the Twin Ports.”

Cooper originally opened up a salon in Duluth, noting there seemed to be a niche to fill. “I didn’t see a lot of Black stylists, and I almost immediately felt my skills would be put to use and valued,” she said. 

Then in 2019, she decided to move her business to Superior, noting that many of her clients were coming over the bridge to see her anyway. “I had that initial revelation with the eagles while we were traveling through Wisconsin,” she said. “And as soon as I came back across that bridge, everything just clicked for me.”

Innovative Trends for Hair and Makeup

Cooper, who also has a bachelor’s degree in Biblical studies, officially began her career when she enrolled in cosmetology school at the renowned Pivot Point Academy. However, she recalled being drawn to the art long before that.

“I did the neighbors’ hair when I was just a little kid,” she explained. “I’m just a natural-born stylist, I guess.”

Being at the forefront of innovative beauty trends is a priority…


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