Mayor Bruce Hagen, Superior, Wisconsin

Message from Bruce Hagen


Hagen for Mayor…because Hagen Works!

Mayor Bruce Hagen, Superior, Wisconsin

Mayor Bruce Hagen

Many thanks to Explore Superior for offering to publish articles for my opponent and me as we move into the final stretch of this Mayoral Race.

First, and foremost, I believe that we all would agree as to the importance of expressing ourselves at the polls.  So please take the time and opportunity to cast your vote this Tuesday, April 7th for the candidates which you believe will serve the interests of all people in the respective offices.

My candidacy for Mayor of Superior runs along several paths that are important in fulfilling the obligations and challenges of the position.

First is my passion for our community and local government.  I have served Superior in a number of capacities both officially, and as a volunteer for many years in a number of civic and charity organizations.

Equally important is a record of service with success.  Success can be measured in numerous ways.  But we are concentrating on the position of Mayor and qualifications with experience.  Most people that are referred to as ‘politicians’ deal in sound bites and phrases.  I prefer facts that can be measured and evaluated.  What are the facts behind my candidacy?

The first fact is that I have many years of successful accomplishments in both the public and private sectors.

In the public sector, and as your Mayor, we have worked together and witnessed:

  • A property tax rate that is lower than when I took office four years ago

(The last time the property tax rate was lower was when I previously served as your Mayor)

  • More streets, sidewalks, parks and storm/sanitary system upgrades than any other administration
  • Quality Job growth is up substantially
  • Construction and manufacturing jobs – the highest in decades
  • Superior has the lowest unemployment rate since WWII
  • Residents investing again in property improvements and new construction
  • New senior housing, single family sub-divisions
  • New and expanded commercial/retail business growth
  • City services quality and delivery is up even with less revenue
  • AA Bond Rating – Standard and Poors
  • A leader with public service in local, state and federal levels

In the private sector my experience also runs deep.

  • Ownership of several businesses
  • Current business owner – Hagen-Anchor Lighting, LLC
  • CGI – Senior Consultant to Government and Industry for S.A. and Canada

Superior is moving forward with positive and planned progression.  To continue moving forward and providing a city of inclusion for all Superior we need:

  • Leadership that is deeply experienced;
  • Leadership that knows and understands all levels of the public sector;
  • Leadership experience in, and understands the private sector
  • Leadership that listens and responds
  • Leadership that has developed positive public and private sector relationships
  • Leadership that has proof of working with all interestsnot just special interests
  • Leadership that has a proven record of leading large and smaller organizations
  • Leadership that understands the day to day challenges of our residents
  • Leadership that can provide proof of leadership

Your confidence in my leadership as your Mayor for the next four years will provide:

  • Continued quality job growth – jobs, jobs, jobs
  • Market rate housing for seniors, single/multi-family and young professionals
  • An aggressive attack on drug trafficking, sexual abuse & crimes against children
  • Reconstruction of Belknap from a highway to a ‘gateway’ just like Tower Avenue
  • Billings Park, city parks, WI Point improvements
  • Continued street reconstruction and improvements
  • Signalization of Tower Avenue in South End
  • Maintain a strong, positive bond rating
  • Keep property tax rate in check, as in the past four years
  • Plan, design and construct a new Fire Department Headquarters
  • Engage in public discussion for the creation of an athletic field house for youth, teams and tournaments

There is only one candidate running to serve Superior as your Mayor that has provided positive and verifiable results in serving the people of Superior – Bruce Hagen

Please take a moment to cast your vote on Tuesday, April 7th.  It will be important for all of us as residents of Superior.

Thank you,


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