Greg Mertzig, Mayoral Candidate, Superior Wisconsin

Q&A With Candidate Greg Mertzig


Greg Mertzig’s Complete Explore Superior Questionnaire

Why are you the best candidate for Mayor of Superior?

Greg Mertzig, Mayoral Candidate, Superior Wisconsin

Greg Mertzig

Who I am and what I stand for comes from my parents.

My Dad, an educator and principal taught me how to motivate, and communicate effectively with all people.

My Mom, also an educator, taught me empathy.

My life experience, training, and formal education also shaped who I am and what I stand for.

As a veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan I developed leadership skills that were tested under pressure.

My service on the Superior City Council prepared me for the intricacies of local government and my formal education taught me how to critically evaluate evidence and how to find answers.

As Mayor I will use every asset I possess.  I will surround myself with capable, motivated professionals that share my philosophy and together we will move Superior forward.

What are the three biggest economic issues facing the City today?

As Mayor I will initiate policies that encourage

  • an expansion of our tax base. I will encourage new residential construction and consider development of underused city property.
  • I will address challenges facing the Superior business community. I will facilitate policies that lessen the cost of doing business in Superior and I will work to minimize bureaucratic interference.
  • Additionally, I will aggressively pursue state and federal grant money to supplement our general fund and I will lobby Madison for a larger percentage of shared revenue.

How will you encourage continued economic development in Superior?

As Mayor I will address issues related to the Cost of doing business, government intrusion, and street closures due to infrastructure improvements, these are a few challenges facing the Superior business community. As Mayor I will facilitate policies that lessen the cost of doing business, I will work to minimize bureaucratic interference, and I will offer tax compensation to businesses affected by street closures.

Additionally, Superior must invest in our existing housing stock.  As Mayor I will bring back grant funded programs that incentivize personal property improvement. We must encourage new residential construction. As Mayor I will consider development of underused city property. We must streamline our inspection and permitting process. As Mayor I will identify and discontinue unnecessary steps. As Mayor I will also initiate policy that aggressively addresses, shortages of trained, technically skilled workers, and an absence of strategically planned infrastructure improvements including technological infrastructure.

Do you believe that Superior has a crime problem, and if so what will you do to confront it?

As Mayor public safety will be my top priority.  To effectively address crime in Superior we must have a well-staffed, well trained, well equipped, community focused police force. Staffing must be at safe sustainable levels.  Training must be current and community orientated.  Equipment must be up to date and functional.

What is your view of labor relations between the City and its employees?

As Mayor I will conduct labor relations fairly and consistently.  Act 10 did not dissolve the right to organize.  As Mayor I will negotiate compensation with organized labor as if collective bargaining was still intact.  I will not require a third party private consultation firm to conduct a costly wage study to determine employee compensation.

What is the one major accomplishment that you hope to achieve if you are elected Mayor?

Superior’s greatest strength is the people.  Our community is hardworking, moralistic, and principled.  We are friends to our neighbors, and we are committed to making the best out of any situation.

That being said, Superior deserves leadership that considers the people in every decision made, and as Mayor my number one consideration will be, “what is in the best interest of our community.”  Every issue confronted will be determined with this consideration.

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