Mike Herrick, Mayoral Candidate, Superior Wisconsin

Q&A With Candidate Mike Herrick


Mike Herrick’s Complete Explore Superior Questionnaire

Why are you the best candidate for Mayor of Superior?

Mike Herrick, Mayoral Candidate, Superior Wisconsin

Mike Herrick

My six years on the city Council and serving on numerous committees has given me a great background in city government.  I have the desire and energy and can bring a fresh approach to keep Superior moving forward.

We are heading in the right direction, but we have a lot of work to do. I’m approachable and I will listen to citizens concerns to an issue that they may have. Team work is important. I can work with all the city departments, the City Council,  BID, Chamber, Business Development Association,  and local businesses to achieve the goals of the community.

Some of these goals include economic development, infrastructure improvements and citizens safety.  I’m ready to role up my sleeves and take on the challenges that are ahead.

What are the three biggest economic issues facing the City today?

The three biggest economic issues facing the city today are

  • the landfill,
  • shared revenue, and
  • the need for additional large and small business creationto increase job growth.

How will you encourage continued economic development in Superior?

I would encourage continued economic development in Superior by continuing infra-structure improvements, safe neighborhoods, reducing blight,  and personally inviting business to look at Superior for expanding or starting anew.  We could offer incentives when and where possible, such as tax credits or utility installments.

Do you believe that Superior has a crime problem, and if so what will you do to confront it?

I do believe Superior has a crime problem.  The biggest one that comes to mind is the use of drugs, especially heroine.  The use of this drug not only effects the user, but trickles into neighborhoods through personal robberies, home and car break-ins and business theft.  One of the ways we are taking on this issue is through our community police officer.  We must also get people to know their neighbors and start more community watch programs in all neighborhoods.  Many eyes are efficient than just a few patrolling neighborhoods at random.

What is your view of labor relations between the City and its employees?

My view of labor relations between the City and its employees is good.  The issue of city workers being treated fairly came to the Human resource committee, which I currently serve on, when the Hand Book was introduced to the employees after the passage of Act 10.  One of the items that I stressed when it came to any type of grievance by a worker, was that person should be able to have representation and that the issue could be brought to the Civil Service Commission and or the Human Resource Committee for review.  There has been a wage study done on the compensation employees receive.  I believe we can continue to look at the compensation of employees without paying a huge consulting fee.

What is the one major accomplishment that you hope to achieve if you are elected Mayor?

There are several of course. The one that comes to mind, is to continue to balance the budget without reducing core services, such as Police and Fire and those essential services that we depend upon such as public works.

This would also involve the return of shared revenue from the State and working on and having funding from the tipping fees that we pay to the DNR returned.  This won’t be easy, but we must continue to try, working with our State Senator and representative.

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