Do Superiorites Really Support Trump?


ES Poll Shows Strong Trump Support

By Doug Dalager

We’ve been running a poll for the past few weeks, pitting Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump against Bernie Sanders. In an earlier poll, we offered up Trump (R), Clinton (D), Sanders (D), Gary Johnson (L), and none-of-the-above or Other as options. Trump won that poll with 44% percent of the vote; Sanders placed second with 26%, Clinton third at 21%, and Johnson at 5%.

After closing that poll, we thought it might be fun to run two polls simultaneously and see how Trump fared against each of the two Democratic candidates in a heads-up competition. As of this afternoon, Trump is ahead of Clinton by 51% to 36%; and Sanders is beating Trump 46% to 44%. Unscientific…yes, small sample size…to be sure…nonetheless, the results are interesting.

Explore Superior will run this poll until such time as Bernie Sanders withdraws from the race, or when both the Democratic and Republican parties select their official candidates at their upcoming conventions in Philadelphia and Cleveland respectively.

If you haven’t cast your ballot in either of these polls, please scroll down and do so now (you may only vote one time in each poll).


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