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Summer Fun & Games

A jug of wine, a jigsaw puzzle and thou.

How different that familiar phrase – “a jug of wine, a loaf of bread and thou” – might have been had poet Omar Khayyam been thinking about going to the cabin for the weekend.

You must always have games, the right kind of games, and communal occupations to get the true cabin experience.

Jigsaw puzzles come to mind, or cards and board games (and no, they are not “bored” games, as some electronics-toting youngsters might believe. They were games you play with people right in the room).

These might be called “old-fashioned” games, but I don’t believe they’ve ever really gone out of fashion at the cabin … or, to cover the languages of all four of our Lake Superior shores, at the cabin, the camp or the cottage.

When I was a kid, getting away to a cabin for

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