Wisconsin Point Frequently Asked Questions


Just The FAQS, Nothing but the FAQ’s

Wildlife-Viewing-AreaWith recent concerns expressed by local residents about conditions and rules on our beautiful Wisconsin Point, Explore Superior contacted Mary Morgan with City of Superior Parks & Rec, and asked her some questions.

After all, inquiring minds want to know!

Q – Why aren’t there trash receptacles at Wisconsin Point?
A – There are no trash receptacles at the Point because historically, they’ve been stolen or lit on fire. The City is following the Pack Out What You Pack In approach that has been so successful in the state park system.

Q – When will Wisconsin Point Road be re-constructed?
A – This summer. The road will have to be closed for a few days to do the reconstruction.

Q – Are glass bottles allowed at the Point?
A -No, they are prohibited by ordinance.

Q – Are camp fires allowed on the beach at the Point?
A – Yes, they are, provided that you’re ten feet away from any foliage.

Q – Is camping allowed at the Point?
A – Wisconsin Point is a day use area. While you may park in Lot #1 all night, you may not camp at the Point. There is a vehicular curfew on Wisconsin Point Road and all the parking lots beyond Lot # 1 from 11 pm to 5 am.

Q – Can you remove drift wood from Wisconsin Point?
A – Yes, you can as long as you don’t destroy any living plants or trees or drive your vehicle on the beach.

Q – Does anyone maintain the Point?
A – Yes, the Park Dept has a seasonal staff person scheduled to clean the beach and parking lots on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Attention: Park Warriors Schedule Clean-Up on Wisconsin Point, July 16th. Click HERE for more.

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