Write For Rights Campaign Launched


Superior High Students Raise Awareness

On December 5th, members of the Superior High School Amnesty International group launched their Write-for-Rights campaign.

The Amnesty International website urges:

You can help change the lives of this year’s 12 cases by writing letters. When combined with millions of others, your letters help convince government officials to free prisoners of conscience, support human rights defenders, and end other urgent cases of abuse. Together, we can change lives and change our world.

You can take part by writing on your own, hosting a letter writing party, joining a party, or writing in your classroom. Please write before December 31st and share how many letters you wrote by January 15th.

The SHS chapter of the international organization works to collect letters and send them to world leaders to raise awareness about pressing human rights cases.

The group collected 250 signed letters and raised awareness throughout the high school with their booth in the cafeteria.

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