Bird’s Eye View of Northern Lights Elementary


Our Superior Schools are Beautiful in Many Ways!

By Doug Dalager

We are very fortunate in Superior to have many beautiful and well maintained school buildings, including Northern Lights Elementary. This video is our eye in the sky of this fine school.

Thanks to the passage of a new school referendum this past April, our children will benefit from a new Cooper Elementary in Billings Park, new roofs, pavements, and security at several others schools, new tennis courts and softball fields at our high school, and a major improvement to the high school.

In the meantime, let’s be thankful for today’s featured school, Northern Lights Elementary, located at 1201 N. 28th Street. It lies at the end of a long private drive and has a very attractive campus surrounded by a peaceful residential setting. We hope you enjoy our brief drone fly over of Northern Lights!

This is certain to be an attractive feature to potential buyers of lots and houses in the nearby Spartan Circle housing development.

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