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Christmas Trees of Superior


Won’t You Share Your Holiday Cheer With ES?

Christmas Trees | Dalager-Christmas-Tree-2

The Dalager Christmas Tree

By Doug Dalager

Here’s something fun to do! Send us a picture of your Christmas trees and/or holiday decorations and we’ll add it to our gallery of Superior during the Holidays.

So, take a pic of your tree (or what have-you) and email it to us at Explore Superior and we’ll add it to our Holiday Album.

We want to share your decorations regardless of faith, so Hanukkah decorations, Kwanzaa candles, or even a snap of your Festivus pole, send your celebratory images to Explore Superior and we’ll add them to the album.

Christmas Trees Contest

We’ll run a contest the week before Christmas and award a $25 gift card to Aces on 29th to the winner. Follow this LINK to watch our Christmas Tree Album as it grows in coming weeks.

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