Kara Schmidt

Schmidt Pledges to Work Full Time


Candidate Calls for Accountability in County Government

As a Democratic Candidate for Register of Deeds, Kara Schmidt plans to best serve tax payers and citizens of Douglas County by pledging to keep regular hours and take minimum vacation.

“In my campaign for Register of Deeds I’ve had the opportunity to speak with many members of the public. One of the major concerns with our county government is that citizens see that elected administrators collect large paychecks but don’t always keep consistent work hours and may take excessive vacation.”

Schmidt claims that since county employees lost collective bargaining rights under Act 10, an atmosphere has evolved of good compensation for administrative elected county officials with minimal oversight and at the same time unfair labor conditions for regular county employees. She asserts that County residents deserve elected county officials “who work hard for their paychecks, provide excellent service, and demonstrate leadership”.

According to Schmidt, this past spring, the Douglas County Board of Supervisors approved a raise for the Register of Deeds, raising compensation to $64,000 a year.

“As a leader and active member within the Democratic Party, I believe that all democrats serving in public office should conduct themselves ethically and demonstrate the leadership principles that the party embodies.”

As a result of county resident concerns, Kara Schmidt pledges the following:

  • To work regular full-time hours alongside the other employees of the county government,
  • To take the same breaks and lunches as non-elected full time county employees,
  • To only be absent from regular work days in cases of personal or family emergency or illness,
  • And to only take vacation equal to four weeks annually or less.

Schmidt also calls on all democrats running for county administrative office to make the same pledge in the interest of the local democratic party and the tax payers of Douglas County.

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