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Principal Makes Case for School Improvements


School Improvements Needed at Superior High School

By Kent Bergum

With the April 2016 referendum just months away, there are several areas within Superior High School that would benefit from the proposed plan for remodeling and new construction.  

Science:  The laboratory space and equipment for biology, chemistry, and physics is not adequate.  It would be a great benefit to learning if students had access to equipment, fixtures, counters, and tables that supported independent, collaborative, and large group learning.

SHS Lab has deteriorated - School Improvements Needed (ExploreSuperior©)

SHS Lab has deteriorated

Music:  The Performing Arts Center lobby currently doubles as the orchestra classroom. As a result, learning is often interrupted.  The band classroom is not large enough to meet the needs of the students in band.  Due to the size and design of the room, the sound is often at an unacceptably high level.

SHS Band Room - School Improvements Needed (ExploreSuperior©)

SHS Band Room

Safety: Modern schools are designed to control and limit access to the building.   With the large amount of glass and high number of exterior doors, controlling access is a significant challenge.  

SHS Entranceway -School Improvements Needed (ExploreSuperior©)

SHS Entranceway

Physical education, athletics, and community recreation:  Modern high schools with enrollments matching Superior High School have more than triple the floor space allocated to physical education, athletics and community recreation.  The addition  of the NBC Spartan Sports Complex is a great example of how facility improvements can benefit students and the community. 

Classroom crowding an issue at SHS (ExploreSuperior©)

Classroom crowding an issue at SHS

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