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Parks & Recreation in Douglas County

Outdoor Opportunities In Douglas County

The largest community forest in the country is located within the city limits of Superior, Wisconsin. Coupled with our location on Lake Superior, the Douglas County area...


Quality of Life High in Douglas County

The quality of life in Douglas County, Wisconsin is a big selling point when it comes to encouraging business to locate here! Check out this video about that topic.

Several members of the music department were on hand to receive their Spirit of Superior Award.

2015 Spirit of Superior Award Winners Named

Awards Honor Faculty & Staff for Exceptional & Innovative Work The Spirit of Superior Award is given to individuals and teams who actively demonstrate and model...

Ice Castle Pic taken January 16th

Thicker, Fatter, & Colder!

Barker’s Island Ice Project Is Growing Daily! Our tall inverted icicle is getting bigger, fatter, and denser everyday! Drive down to Barker’s Island this...

Lake Superior – See It From the South Shore!

Did you need a reminder that there is also a South Shore of Lake Superior? Spread the word, your friends in Duluth will appreciate the advice!

A Focus on Our Quality of Life

We have a lot to offer in Superior…some would even call it a Superior quality of life!

If You Build It…Will they come?

The difference two days make while making ice… ES continues to keep you up-to-date on the progress of Roger Hanson’s ice castle project on Barker’s...

Ducks on Barker’s Pond?

The things you see while out for a winter’s drive… While driving over the bridge from Barker’s Island, I spotted this large gathering of ducks sunning...

Ice Castle Taking Form on Barker’s Island

Cold Temperatures Have Arrived and Assist the Process The ice castle project has begun to take shape now that the weather has taken a turn for the frigid. If you look...

Something Superior Improve Group

Local Improv Group Attracts All Ages

So You Think You’re Funny Do You? Here’s Your Chance to Prove It! Something Superior Improv is a group of cool people dedicated to the art of improvisational...