Tower Avenue Address

Who Can Tell Us About This?

Tower Avenue Address

Seen on a building on Tower Avenue…

If you’ve walked down Tower Avenue, or done any business downtown , you’ve probably noticed this piece of engraving over the door of a business. You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out where it is (we’ve even given you the address for gosh sakes!)

Anyway, who can tell us the significance of the “Founded 1919” inscription. We’ll give you one hint (besides the address that is.) It doesn’t refer to the business currently located there.

Can anyone in the community volunteer this tidbit of local trivia?

One thought on “Who Can Tell Us About This?

  1. Doug Dalager Post author

    Alan Jaques of Belknap Shopping Center, Lounge & Liquor Store, and County Commissioner fame just correctly answered this question correctly…so Al, I owe you a drink at your fine establishment the Belknap. Alan promises to subscribe to the website soon too. I’ll reserve posting the answer however to see if another subscriber can also nail the answer!


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