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Ice Project 2016 – It Survived!


Ice Project Successful Despite Last Minute Thaw

By Doug Dalager

With temperatures nearing 50°F on Saturday, February 27th, the Ice Project (Take 2) on Barker’s Island came to a successful conclusion this past weekend. After weathering ongoing criticism on social media for the past two months, an early semi-collapse of the ice-covered tent at its heart, and a truly warm string of days (that included rain) leading up to the penultimate celebration on Saturday, Iceman Roger’s creation was a hit.

Explore Superior visited the frozen delight yesterday and recorded this drone video on a beautiful, sunny afternoon. We hope you enjoy our efforts…if you do, please share it with your friends and family.

In a colorful celebration on Saturday, complete with a dynamic light show, upbeat music pounding through large speakers, scripted entertainment, and an explosive fireworks show at its conclusion, Ice Project 2016 turned out to be a winning event, vindicating the much derided decision made last year by Mayor Bruce Hagen to bring the Iceman back for a second try after last year’s collapse on Feb. 3rd, 2015 during an interview with a New York Times reporter.

Here is a video of the sound & light show, and fireworks from Saturday, February 27th. Enjoy!

Here’s another video of the celebration from February 20th!

Here’s Explore Superior’s history of the Ice Project!

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