Superior School Referendum | Pavements & Roofs

School Referendum Video Series – #06


Cracked Pavement, Leaking Roofs, and School Safety

By Doug Dalager

This video discusses the need to replace parking lots and roofs at elementary schools, and addresses safety concerns at the high school. Another public meeting has been scheduled to meet with concerned voters about these and other issues on Wednesday, March 30th from 6-8 pm at Superior High School. For more video information about the proposed school referendum, please scroll down below the video to see links to other video topics.

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Other videos regarding the Superior Schools Referendum

  1. Overview of the Referendum Proposals and the Current Annual Budget
  2. Scope of Projects and Explanation of Facilities Assessment Process
  3. History & Vision of Superior School Board
  4. Cooper Elementary Rebuilding Plans
  5. Superior High School Renovation Plans
  6. Cracked Pavement, Leaky Roofs, Security Plans

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