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Love Creamery at Superior Business Center


How Entrepreneurship Gets Started

Explore Superior recently met with Nicole Wild, owner of Love Creamery as she was working her business of making small-batch ice creams at the Superior Business Center in Superior.

Ms. Wild has been leasing space in the SBC commercial kitchen for the past three years, and credits their incubator program with helping her launch her business. She is certain that had it not been for the SBC opportunity, her business would never have gotten off the ground.

SBC has a three year sunset goal for new entrepreneurs after which time they are encouraged to find market rate space elsewhere. Occasionally, if there isn’t a demand for space at SBC, this timeline may be extended, however with that goal in mind Ms. Wild is actively preparing to move out into a new location in Duluth’s Lincoln Park at some point in the next six months.

We have two videos for you today. The first follows Ms. Wild as she works in the kitchen all the while explaining the goals behind her business plan, and showing us around her work space. The second video is an interesting exploration of her motivations to get into business, and traces her personal path to entrepreneurship.

If you’ve ever thought about going out on your own and starting a business, these are highly recommended “must sees.”

In this video interview, Ms. Wild explains how she came to start her business and how she sees the future.

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