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New 54 Unit Apartment Building Planned


Redevelopment Authority Approves Development Agreement

On Wednesday, April 12th, the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Superior (RAC) approved a proposed sale of a parcel of city land to P&R Properties, LLC. The property is located immediately north and northeast of the Enbridge office building located at 1320 Grand Avenue, in Superior.

54 Unit Building proposed for 13th and Grand

Artist’s Rendering of Proposed 54 Unit Building

The official name of the parcel on city records is the Blaine-Central Project Area. This proposal next goes in front of the Superior City Council on Tuesday, April 18th for consideration and possible adoption. Final approval will take place at the May 17th Plan Commission meeting in council chambers.

The agreement between the city and the developer calls for the city to contribute $125,000 to the RAC, as well as a portion of the property. Upon entering into a development agreement for the property, the RAC is then entitled to sell the land for the purposes of housing development.

Village of Superior Apartments | Explore Superior

Village of Superior Apartments

New Building in South End

P&R Properties is currently in the process of constructing another apartment complex at 67th & Tower known as the Village of Superior Apartments. ES previously reported on this development, that article can be viewed HERE.

Billed as a luxury complex, the Village will offer 24 one and two bedroom apartments, open-floor plans, 9 foot ceilings, stainless steel appliances, in unit laundry, decks, and off-street parking. Ryan Nelson of P&R hopes to begin renting these apartments in May.

Blaine-Central Building to be 5 Story Complex

The 54 unit building (unnamed as of yet) will be a five-story complex of one and two bedroom units, with similar amenities to those to be offered at the Village Apartments. An added feature however will be the availability of heated indoor parking on the first level. Additional outside surface parking will be offered as well.

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You could live here! Explore Superior©

One feature the 54 unit building will have that is not offered at the 24 unit complex is a fitness room.

Once on the market the apartments are expected to be leased in the range of $1000 to $1200 per month for one and two bedroom apartments respectively. There will be an additional charge of $30-$50 for those opting for heated parking.

The property is currently assessed at a value of $157,000, and upon completion of the project the city proposes to contribute $250,000 to the $6M project. Of that amount, $125,000 will come from proceeds of the land sale, and $125,000 from the City development fund.

The City of Superior structures agreements of this nature as reimbursable grants. This means that the $250,000 will be paid to the developer upon project completion. For this payment to be made, a signed certificate of completion is required.

Please view the site plan at bottom of this article that displays how the construction will be situated on the two lots.

Project Receives Support in City Hall

ES reached out to new Mayor Jim Paine for his thoughts on this development, and he responded by saying,

“I am pleased to see a developer investing in market rate housing in Superior. I want to compliment the previous administration on their work to see this project through.”

City Councilor Warren Bender (3th District) added that

“We have a shortage of good housing in Superior, and this a very positive development for our community. Not only is it much needed, but will also provide jobs for all construction trades in the process.”

According to Jason Serck, city planning director, this is “a pretty exciting project that is definitely needed by Superior, and represents a lot of work and cooperation between the city and the developer.” A point echoed by Rod Campbell, Redevelopment Authority board member who said this complex is “vastly needed in Superior.”

Pete Pavlovich, Nelson’s partner at P&R, stated that they hope to begin construction on the new building by the end of the summer of 2017 in hopes of renting space by the end of 2018. 

1314 Grand Avenue | Explore Superior©

1314 Grand Avenue. Explore Superior©

Home Owner Unaffected

It is important to note that there is one remaining home on the block in question, and this property will not be part of this project. The property owner 1314 Grand Avenue does not want to sell her property at this time, but instead plans to live there indefinitely.

She has no issues with this development however, and both the City and the developer are being respectful of her plans to stay.

As ES has pointed out on repeated occasions, there is no eminent domain in Wisconsin, so there is no reason this property owner need worry about that status of her home…she is free to stay as long as she wants.

City Council Action on Tuesday

At the conclusion of the RAC meeting, with no opposition to the sale of this property, the authority approved the project development agreement and the sale of the property subject to the terms of their resolution to the city council. ES has linked to these documents at the bottom of this article should any of our readers want more information. The Superior City Council will take up this matter at their next meeting on April 18th.

Explore Superior will attend Tuesday’s City Council meeting to see how this project develops.


Blaine-Central Parcel Redevelopment Project | Explore Superior©

Overhead view of proposed apartment site. Explore Superior©


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Links to RAC documents pertaining to development of the Blaine-Central Project Area:
City Resolution
RACS Report to Council
Development Agreement
Cooperation Agreement

Legal Description of Property in Question:

West 65 feet 4 inches of Lots 26, 27 & 28, Block 144, Burhan’s Addition to West Superior, As such lots remain after the widening of Lamborn (Now Grand) Avenue as condemned by City Ordinance recorded in  Volume G of Agreements Page 556 (Which reduced the length of said Lots), all in the City of Superior, Douglas County, Wisconsin.
Tax Parcel Code:  Parcel 05-805-02377-00

Lots 6, 7 and Fractional 8, Block 260, West Superior 13th Division, in the City of Superior, Douglas County, Wisconsin. 
Tax Parcel Code: Parcel 05-805-00270-00

Lots 1 thru 5, Block 260, West Superior 13th Division, City of Superior, Douglas County, Wisconsin.
Tax Parcel Code: 05-805-00264-00

Lots 23 thru 28, except the West 65 feet 4 inches of Lots 26, 27 & 28, Block 144, Burhan’s Addition to West Superior, City of Superior, Douglas County, Wisconsin.
Tax Parcel Code: 05-805-02374-00

Fractional Lots 23 thru 28, Block 260, West Superior 13th Division, City of Superior, Douglas County, Wisconsin.
Tax Parcel Code: 05-805-00275-00

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