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School Bus Safety Week


National School Bus Safety Week Oct.19-23

By Chad Jensema

A District of Superior School Bus

A District of Superior School Bus

During the week of October 19-23, 2015 we celebrate National School Bus Safety Week.

This year’s theme, “Be Smart-Be Seen, I wait in a safe place!” 

The week has been established to bring awareness to students to stay out of the danger zone around the school bus.  During this week the district also holds its annual fall emergency evacuation drills at each respective school.

A good reminder to all motorists, please slow down, pay close attention and drive with extreme caution around school buses.  Students boarding the bus or getting out the bus have no protection from vehicles that pass by the school bus on either side.

When buses are stopped with the red lights flashing, traffic in both directions need to stop!  Drivers who don’t follow the law can be ticketed by law enforcement.  Inattentive, distracted driving can lead to serious consequences.

National School Bus Safety Week | Explore Superior

Chad Jensema, Director of Transportatino, School District of Superior | Explore Superior

Chad Jensema

Chad Jensema is the Director of Transportation for the School District of Superior

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